Discover our range of lids and gutters for the road and railway sectors. Our products are made of recycled thermosetting plastics in order to fit into a sustainable and circular approach.

Twice as light as concrete products, the Reprocover range facilitates installation and maintenance. Their malleability also avoids the need to close tracks and hire a road-rail crane. Their lightness also requires less labour for installation.

The Reprocover range allows for water drainage to minimize the contact of water with the cables and thus increase the life of the products.

3 times more elastic than concrete, the Reprocover range minimizes breakage.

In the event of a defect in the cable, the gutter does not catch fire.

The Reprocover range can be adapted to concrete, thus avoiding the need to change the entire product range when replacing or maintaining it.

The Reprocover gutter range complies with EN 124, a European standard (EN) for closing and capping devices. The products are A15 rated, which means that they can be walked or cycled on without breaking.

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