Reprocover is an innovative Belgian company that develops and produces prefabricated solutions in RTS (Reprocessed ThermoSet) materials for railway infrastructure, roads and construction industry. In addition to their remarkable and proven mechanical properties, these solutions promote the implementation of a sustainable circular economy.

We create

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thermosetting composites

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Pedestrian & road crossings

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Water, Gas and Telecommunication inspection chambers

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Raw materials

Our mission

Sustainability at your service

Our mission is to maximize the sustainable and circular use of raw materials. With our innovative shredding, characterization and mixing technology, we recycle thermosetting waste to create new products. Our mission is to contribute to the well-being of our partners by creating and producing quality products that reduce dependence on dependence on virgin natural resources.

Our process

Avoiding the landfill

Waste collection

Do your thermosetting plastic wastes end up in landfills after one use? What if we could offer you a recycling solution that would give them a new life? We collect your waste in order to study the possibilities of taking it back.

Granulation de vos déchets en plastique thermodurcissable
Transforming your waste


Once your waste has been collected, we granulate it so that it can be re-injected into new products or returned to you in a new form.

Analysing your waste

Material characterisation

Once granulated, we analyse your material to characterise its mechanical properties. We also establish its granulometry and determine whether or not we can re-inject it into our products.

Multiple lives

Creating recycled products

After analysis and granulation, your thermosetting waste is reintroduced into our production chain and thus gives life to new products! We don't just give them a second life, we also recycle many of the new products manufactured in our factory.

Our services

Beyond recycling

With our expertise in recycling, we also help you rethink your products and their life cycle. To contribute to a more sustainable world, we accompany you in the reflection around the manufacture, the evacuation and the reuse of your materials. Our service :

tonnes recycled in 2022
1st to recycle thermosetting
photovoltaic panels

Collecting your waste

We collect your thermosetting plastic production waste to recycle it into new products and give it a second life. We can also granulate them so that you can reuse them yourself in a new form. Do you want to apply for a take-back of thermosetting waste? Then download the form and send it completed to


Pitras Project


Development of a pilot production line for fluid-solid mixing with a view to integrating untreated fine particles into a process for upgrading thermosetting polymers.

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