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We collect your thermosetting plastic waste in order to shred it either to reinject it into your production or to create new Reprocover products.



We create Reprocover products from recycled thermosetting. In addition to our standard range, we also offer custom design, according to your needs.




We collect production waste made of thermosetting plastics that do not contain a large amount of fibers.


When the samples meet our recycling requirements, we perform an initial shredding test on your material. This test determines whether or not our technology allows us to recycle your waste.


Once the shredding is complete, we analyse the material to determine its technical characteristics and grain size. These tests allow us to know if your material can be used in Reprocover products.


The shredding of your waste can be done for reuse in Reprocover products and/or for reuse in your production line.



3D Design

Our team of engineers redesigns the functionality of the products and creates 3D drawings of our Reprocover range or custom-made products according to your needs.


By combining the skills of our engineers, our experience in recycling and your knowledge, we create together a tailor-made product that meets your needs.


We support you in the production strategy of your products. Together, we rethink your production from A to Z in order to maximise the value of your materials, minimise your waste and integrate your products into a circular logic. 

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At Reprocover, we are committed to going the extra mile and offering innovative solutions for a more sustainable and environmentally friendly future. As we are convinced that collective intelligence is an asset for a better future, we would be delighted to co-construct sustainable solutions with you!