RTS materials

Composite Granulation for the Circular Economy

Reprocover is an innovative and committed Belgian company that is an undisputed leader in the field of composite granulation, a key process at the heart of the circular economy.

Our vision is to transform composite waste into a valuable and sustainable resource, using composite granulation to create prefabricated solutions in high-quality RTS (Reprocessed ThermoSet) materials. We believe that composite granulation is an effective way to reduce composite waste and promote a sustainable circular economy. By transforming composite waste into high-performance RTS materials, we are helping to preserve natural resources and create a more sustainable future.

The composite granulation process at Reprocover

At Reprocover, we have perfected the composite granulation process to ensure high-quality results. We start by carefully collecting composite waste from a variety of sources, such as electrical sockets, wind turbines, composites and end-of-life car parts. This waste is then carefully sorted to remove impurities. Our experienced team then uses specially designed composite granulators to reduce the waste into small pieces, known as composite granules. This granulation process is carried out with precision and rigour to ensure that the granules are homogeneous and of superior quality. Through this process, we transform composite waste into a valuable resource that can be used in the production of innovative RTS materials.

RTS materials

The importance of composite granules

At Reprocover, we are convinced of the importance of composite pellets in the transition to a sustainable circular economy. The composite pellets we produce are valuable in a number of ways. Their small size and shape allow for easy handling and long-term storage without altering their properties. What’s more, their versatility makes them ideal for a multitude of applications. Composite pellets are the cornerstone of our approach to recovering composite waste, as they represent an important resource rather than simply a waste product. By converting composite waste into granules, we create a circular economy where resources are used sustainably and waste is minimised. The composite granules produced by Reprocover are an excellent way of helping to preserve the environment while offering exceptional performance.

RTS materials: the future of infrastructure

The RTS materials developed by Reprocover are the fruit of our expertise in composite granulation and represent the future of sustainable infrastructures. These materials, made from the composite granules we produce, offer exceptional mechanical properties. Their wear resistance, durability and resistance to corrosion make them the materials of choice for rail infrastructure, roads, urban development and many other applications. RTS materials stand out for their ability to withstand the most demanding conditions, guaranteeing remarkable longevity and optimum performance. By using RTS materials, you benefit from sustainable solutions that reduce environmental impact while offering superior quality. At Reprocover, we’re proud to play a major role in the creation of these cutting-edge materials that are helping to build a more sustainable future.

Reprocover : Your partner for customised products using RTS composite granules

Using RTS composite granules, Reprocover offers its customers the opportunity to design and produce customised products to meet their specific needs. When you choose Reprocover to design and produce your final product, you benefit from a personalised process. Our team of experts will listen carefully to your requirements and objectives, in order to propose solutions tailored to your project. Thanks to our in-depth expertise in the use of RTS composite granules, we can advise you on the best design and production options. The collaborative process starts with the creation of virtual models and prototypes. Reprocover uses advanced software and 3D modelling to visualise the final product and make adjustments where necessary. Once the design has been finalised, we move on to the production phase. With our cutting-edge technology and expertise in RTS composite granules, we turn your ideas into reality.
RTS materials

Composite granules and the circular economy: Reprocover’s future

At Reprocover, we firmly believe that composite granulation, composite granules and RTS materials will play a vital role in a sustainable economy and the world of tomorrow. We believe that every composite waste is an opportunity and every composite granule is a step towards a more sustainable future. By recovering composite waste and transforming it into high-quality composite granules, we are helping to preserve natural resources and reduce composite waste. The composite pellets produced by Reprocover are a valuable resource that fuels our commitment to a sustainable circular economy. We are proud to play a major role in creating a future where composite waste is no longer seen as a problem, but as an opportunity to create sustainable resources for future generations.

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